Information For Creditors.

Debt Management vs Summary Installment - for creditors

Why not just get the client to do a summary installment order, as opposed to using the free mediation services of KiwiDebt?


A KiwiDebt Debt Management Plan allows for flexibility for all parties to create a plan that empowers creditors and achieves repayment of principal, and places the person in a position such that they are able to continue to live, without incuring further finance.


What about a scenario where the client owes creditors over $40,000?

How many months will you have to wait to recover that valuable working capital?

Is the order flexible enough to change as circumstances do?

What happens if the plan fails?

If you, the creditor feel that you want to create an ethical scenario, which will, during these financially difficult times recover your funds without needing to take extreme action, then KiwiDebt is happy to discuss how we can create ethical solutions to recover your funds, without losing business that you have invested so much in attaining.


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