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KiwiDebt creates New Zealand Brand Debt Doctor

Trademark Registered 14 March 2012

In order to better communicate the services to potential clients and creditors alike, KiwiDebt has launched the Brand Debt Doctor (

The Debt Doctor is an easy to understand trademark which has the immediate impression for people that reflects the assistance that KiwiDebt Ltd and its talented staff has provided members of the community

Whether you are talking to The Debt Doctor or KiwiDebt, you are talking to the debt people


Heading for $2,000,000

As KiwiDebt Counts down to the end of 2012, the payments continue..
as of the 21st November over 1.85 Million Dollars has been returned to Creditors

KiwiDebt and their clients look on target to break the $2,000,000 before the end of 2012

This is a big pat on the back to not just the clients of KiwiDebt Ltd, but the professionals in creditor organisations.


Plan for Creditors

The KiwiDebt system, does not just have to benefit those in debt, it can also benefit those that have debtors that are having financial difficulties

If you are a creditor, and you deal with the public, contact us about how you can offer a 'first choice' to your debtors, before getting companies involved thay may add further costs to your client, who may already be overcommitted

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A touch of history

If you wish to see a copy of our previous Website click [HERE]