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You are not the only one. Whether you are in Australia seeking higher wages, better standards of living, or just escaping the shakes in christchurch..

If you have gone searching for greener pastures and left some debt behind in New Zealand, chances are you are looking at this page to find out the best way to tackle it.

With Cross Border Collections, and multinational collection companies, it is becoming easier for companies to retrieve their outstanding debt, the ability to 'pop next door' and just shelve the debt is getting increasingly harder.

KiwiDebt is making this easier for you to manage, with Debt Management Plans, Debt Settlements, and Personal Insolvencies (Creditors Compromise / Formal Creditors Proposals), teamed up with intelligent funds management, ensuring that all of your hard earned funds dont get chewed up in Foreign currency transfer fees

But dont take my word for it, see our Testimonials and judge for yourself how KiwiDebt is making it easier for those with financial burdens

Matthew Nutter
Managing Director
KiwiDebt Limited


Plan for Debt Freedom

Kiwi's are awesome people, but often we don't know when to ask for help.
Like the 'typical man' that drives around for hours, too proud to stop and ask for directions, we as New Zealanders wait until we are 'over the edge' before we ask for help.

If you can answer yes to 2 or more of the following questions, its time to re-evaluate your situation.

Procrastination means, putting off doing things until later, and from experience this only makes the issues harder to deal with.