So, you have left New Zealand..

And you still have debt in New Zealand...

A growing number of people are in the same circumstances as you.

Whether you have left New Zealand for greener pastures, or have gone in search of a higher wage, or a different environment, you are not alone, KiwiDebt Ltd is receiving reports from all over that the grass may not be greener, and the wages arent astronomically higher when the costs of living are factored in.

Whatever the reason, if you have debt left in New Zealand, it will not go away, and with increasingly complex cross border collection and insolvency practices being introduced, rather than go away that debt may grow to be an uncontrollable monster.
Before you know it, rather than owing money in one country you may end up bankrupt in two countries.


Get On to It!

To help you get on to it, kiwidebt is constantly expanding the boundries of service, with australian Phone Numbers and soon to be launched, an Australian Subsidiary in order to ease the financial concerns of making payments to New Zealand accounts, and ensure that the lowest amount is paid in bank foreign transfer fees, maximising the amount that is paid to creditors on your behalf.


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