Information For Creditors.

If your clients are not sending you regular payments, we understand how frustrating this can be. Your business cannot budget for the irregular income and in some cases, this can result in excessive costs to recover the debt.

KiwiDebt can help without costing you a cent.

We establish a payment programme for the Debtor who makes a financial and moral commitment to us. We prepare a financial snapshot for the Debtor, and calculate what is affordable in terms of their income and expenditure.

Why not just deal with the debt using a summary installment order?

We’re realistic about what the Debtor can afford, and we discuss a wide range of options with them, including refinancing, debt management, insolvency, and bankruptcy. We work with the client to manage their Debt to maintain their contractual obligation to their creditors to the best ends for both parties.

What do we ask in return?

KiwiDebt realises that a client can’t pay more than they can afford, and when the client makes the commitment to us, we are realistic about outcomes. Excessive interest and charges in most cases will push the Debtor past the point of their ability to repay, so we would ask that Creditors look to the reality of the situation and withdraw the penalties, or minimise them to a realistic level. After all, the Debtor wants to clear your debt as opposed to opting for a bankruptcy scenario where the returns and the likelihood of getting the money is low. We would also ask, when an offer of payment is received by you as the creditor, that you act on it immediately. In some cases, new debts come to light after the offer is made, and when accepted we lock the acceptance. If you are too late you may find that your payment could become less.

So what keeps the client regularly paying?

If the client fails to maintain the program, all creditors will be notified that the client has withdrawn, and any action, interest and charges that were held off in agreement for the regular debt payment would likely restart at the Creditor’s discretion.